Training Connecticut Crows to Clean Litter Outside: Can it be Done?

There are certain types of Waterbury birds who possess corvid intelligence. This means that they have the capacity to communicate, remember the faces of the human, and solve intricate problems. One of them would be the crow. Due to their unique intelligence, there are scientists who believe that they can be trained to take care of the human litter. In an ideal situation, human should be able to take care of their own mess. Unfortunately, some people are just too lazy and probably do not have the intelligence to find the proper container for their trash.

How Can Crows Help Solve Our Garbage Problem

Perhaps one of the biggest contributors on the Connecticut garbage problem would be cigarette butts. In fact, according to the study, there are at least 1.69billion lbs of cigarettes butts that are being discarded worldwide annually. Some of the cigarette butts will be thrown in the water. This is detrimental to the health of our environment. They can release deadly toxins and other wild creatures may ingest them. Surprisingly, crows show an unprecedented ability to determine the garbage and dispose them appropriately.


This behavior of the Connecticut crow has led to the invention of the ‘CrowBar. This was invented by 2 Dutch inventors. The crow will drop the litter inside the cone-shaped container; the camera then will scan the trash and will release a treat as their reward. Trial tests have yet to be conducted, since there are still various things that the two need to consider. For instance, we all know that cigarette butts are toxic substance. The chemical content can easily poison the system of the crows. The reward system should also need to carefully think about especially in the area with a large population of crow. This system may also invite a large group of crow. They may develop some negative behavior such as stealing cigars just to get a treat.

The Corvid Intelligence of the Crow

There are various practical concerns with regards to training the Waterbury crow to pick-up the litters. First would be their intelligence. They can develop some creative method that will allow them to receive tasty treat. In addition, crows can develop grudges. They will not live harmoniously with the other birds that are trying to steal their litters.

Is it Possible?

There are some experts who believed that training them to take care of litters is theoretically possible. If you have a Connecticut crow in a controlled environment, then they will be trainable. However, there are certain things that will make this impossible. Crows, with their intelligence are mostly cautious and phobic on new things. They will not deal with stuff that they are not familiar with. In addition, there may also be an issue with regards to their motivation. The challenge behind this experiment is to keep the rewards interesting and high quality. Most of the time, crows have the ability to find tasty treats on their environment.

Crows are indeed one of the cleverest Waterbury animals in this world. They have the capability to form complex thought. There are also instances when they can create tools. However, the idea of letting the crows deal with the litters of the humans may still be far fetched.

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