Snake Lives Matter: Humane Ways to Remove Your Connecticut Snake Visitor

Humane Waterbury Snake Removal

Most Waterbury people are afraid on the idea of encountering a snake believing that they are lethal. However, you will be surprised to know that most snakes are actually non-venomous. In case you are concerned about the snakes in your property, you should employ the service of the expert snake removal company. They can assist you in removing your property without harming the snakes.

Different Ways to Remove the Snakes without Harming Them

In this article, we will discuss the various methods that you can use to humanely remove the Waterbury snakes. Some method requires experience and knowledge to successfully execute them. If you lack the expertise, a professional wildlife removal company can aid you.

Using Funnel Trap

This method allows you to capture the Connecticut snake and relocate them to a distant location. It will allow the snake to enter the trap but there is absolutely no way to escape it. This is not only used to capture the snakes. It also has the capacity to contain other wildlife creatures such as small rodents and lizards. You will have to check your trap on a regular basis to ensure that the animal inside will not suffer a painful death. If you can' t, add some food and water inside the funnel trap. This type of trap can be purchased on your local store or you can create your own trap using simple materials.

Once you completed your trap, you will have to place it perpendicular to the fence or wall where you normally see the snakes. Be sure that you will take a look at your trap once every day. Be careful when handling the trap since they can launch an attack when they feel agitated. Once you captured the snake, you should never reach out your hand and carelessly grab it. Instead of doing that, simply cover your funnel trap' s opening and then flip it. This will allow the snake to go inside the bucket that will enable you to take it in another location and release it.

Professional Snake Removals

There are instances that seeking the help of the expert Connecticut wildlife removal company is your only option to remove the snakes in your yard. This is especially true for those who lacks the experience and do not know how to discern the venomous from the non-venomous snakes. In case you feel uncomfortable in dealing with the snakes, you should let the professionals handle it. Almost every state in the US has a local wildlife removal company. The best way to do it is to call your trusted veterinarian and ask them for some recommendation.

We do not recommend the use of glue boards when capturing the Waterbury snake. Also, when using a trap, be sure to observe due diligence when handling and relocating this animal. In case there is no way for you to recognize the type of snake in your yard, then do not attempt to capture it. You don' t want to be careless even in the presence of a tiny snake if you don' t know how to determine if this is venomous or not.

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